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Industrial Products:

- Cement and soil industry : Mill lining.hammers.chuck plates.anvils.refrigeration plates
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-Miring Industry: Vicced,hammered,stritingiconical breaker parts. Fortification
- Machine manufacturing indusy: Cog-wheels, wheels,bumpers. pulleys, pressbodies,rolling
- Construction Industry: Various parts belonging to construction and excavation machines,concrete pipe moulds,various excavation machines,tractor shoes,and direction wheels etc.
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- Energy Industry: Thermal power-satation rotor,stator stroke and chuck plates ,hammers etc,
- Port,Ship and Petrol Platforms: Bollards,pulleys,rope tamburs.
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Food Industry: Valves ,spiral mixers etc.
- Defence Industry: Various parts.

- Automobile Parts:
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Chiselled belt-pulley :
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- Gratings,manhole cap and frame :
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Environmental Products:

- Varrous goods and arnaments :
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- Decoration Stoves :
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As an economic and social organization,we are responsible for the organizations of this sector ,our customers and workers. We see our customers as fellows of Enis Döküm . supplying valuable goods,and services as much as possible ,we are trying to gain their respect and allegiance. The profit is a gift given by our customers as long as we make them satisfied and make our relations longlasting. We approach the companies from which we buy goods and services by thinking of our corresponding benefits ,working in a respectful and collective atmosphere ,we increase our productivity and longlasting profitability. We are trying to make our staff feel themselves as persons playing an important role in the success of our firm ,collaborative,creative,improving themselves,feeling in secure ans satisfied with the job. We think that the quality is the most important thing to do the right thing at the right time while we are carrying out our responsibilities. Quality is responsibility. Our main principle is good work and satisfied customers. Taking precedence over customer satisfactioni it is appropriated to procedure quality goods and services and goals are the satisfied customer ,respect,clean environment and a harmonic atmosphere.

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