Cement and soil industry : Mill lining.hammers.chuck plates.anvils.refrigeration plates Miring Industry: Vicced,hammered,stritingiconical breaker parts. Fortification Machine manufacturing indusy: Cog-wheels, wheels,bumpers. pulleys, pressbodies,rolling Construction Industry: Various parts belonging to construction and excavation machines,concrete pipe moulds,various excavation machines,tractor shoes,and direction wheels etc. Energy Industry: Thermal power-satation rotor,stator stroke and chuck plates ,hammers etc, Port,Ship and Petrol Platforms: Bollards,pulleys,rope tamburs. Food Industry: Valves ,spiral mixers etc. Defence Industry: Various parts. Automobile Parts, Chiselled belt-pulley Gratings,manhole cap and frame Environmental Products: - Varrous goods and arnaments :- Decoration Stoves :